Be Radiant, O Peoples!

May 19, 8pm (Portland); May 20, 4pm (Seattle)

The Easter Canon of St. John of Damascus (8th c.)

Medieval Byzantine chant edited by Ioannis Arvanitis
World premieres of new settings in English and Greek, including works by composers such as Adamis, Kyr, Michaelides, Moody, Toensing, Vergin and Zes

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Working under Muslim rule in and around Jerusalem during the 8th century AD, St. John of Damascusódefender of icons, theologian, poet and musicianócomposed a radiant hymn for Easter Sunday morning, his Paschal Canon.

Over the centuries his joyful verses praising the Resurrection of Christ have been adapted to countless languages and musical styles across a range of cultural traditions.

In tribute to Cappella Romana's 20th Anniversary, scholars and composers who have made invaluable contributions to the international success of the ensemble will offer both ancient and modern musical settings of St. John's masterpiece.

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