Friday concert to sell out

The Portland concert of ARCTIC LIGHT is going to sell out, so we have opened the balcony and transept seating for overflow as required. These seats have an obstructed view.

To have the best experience for Friday night’s concert, bear in mind that parking is limited around St. Mary’s Cathedral. Please come early, and use the lots within a few blocks of the cathedral. Also, restrooms are limited at St. Mary’s, so please consider, for your convenience, using a restroom before arriving at the cathedral.

Arctic Light Dress Rehearsal on YouTube

Dress rehearsal with Fr. Ivan Moody at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Portland, Oregon, January 9, 2008.

Ivan Moody visits music composition class

In addition to working with the concert choir, Ivan Moody discussed composition with students from Oregon Episcopal School. The visit was hosted by Adam Steele, singer in Cappella Romana and on the music faculty at Oregon Episcopal School.

Tickets going fast for ARCTIC LIGHT

There are still a few of the best seats still available for the concerts of Arctic Light: Finnish Orthodox Music, but they are selling quickly.

Order your tickets to ARCTIC LIGHT today at Brown Paper Tickets, 800-838-3006, or online at

More information about Arctic Light.

Fr. Ivan Moody concelebrates at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church

Fr. Ivan Moody (second from the right) concelebrated the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church on Sunday morning, January 6, 2008. In addition to serving the liturgy, Fr. Ivan participated in the feast of Theophany, the Baptism of Christ in the River Jordan, which culminated in the service of the Blessing of the Water.

Later, during a post-liturgy discussion, Fr. Ivan explained (among other things, such as his home in Portugal and parochial responsibilities there) that he is a composer, and that one of his latest compositions is a Tuba concerto, which seemed to mystify a number of people in the room who perhaps expected that he only wrote music for church services!

Arctic Light rehearsals begin

Fr. Ivan Moody has arrived from Portugal for a week-long residency with Cappella Romana. Here Fr. Ivan is shown conducting Cappella Romana in rehearsal, at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in its new Hellenic American Cultural Center. (

Cappella Romana (Arctic Light) in the Japanese Press

Cappella Romana’s Arctic Light was picked up by Jen Magazine, shown above.

Messiah performances sell out

Portland Baroque Orchestra’s performances of Handel’s Messiah, with Cappella Romana as the chorus, have all sold out (four performances).

The first two performances on Thursday and Friday included Russian Orthodox music by Titov and Bortniansky.

Limited seats are available at the door. More information may be found at

Cappella Romana in good company

David Stabler, classical music critic for the Oregonian, mentioned Cappella Romana’s concert in November 2007 as one of the highlights of the season, alongside a concert by the David York Ensemble, Trio Mediaeval, and last night’s concert of the Tallis Scholars.

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“I can’t remember a fall season of such extraordinary choral concerts, from Cappella Romana’s premiere of Robert Kyr’s rapturous environmental oratorio, “A Time for Life,” to the heavenly stillness of David York Ensemble’s performance of “Miserere” by Henryk Gorecki, to Trio Mediaeval’s Norwegian folk magic, to the elaborately arched beauty of the Tallis Scholars.

Lucky us. “

Arctic Light is coming

(Now Father) Ivan Moody rehearsing Cappella Romana in January 2006.


Fr. Ivan Moody, guest director

Mikko Sidoroff (b. 1985), Panihida (excerpts), Kerubiveisu
Boris Jakubov (1894-1923), Ehtooveisu (Phos hilaron)
Pekka Attinen (1885-1956), Kerubiveisu no.3
Leonid Bashmakov (b. 1927), Pääsiäissunnuntain Iikossi (Paschal Ikos), Pääsiäisen Eksapostilaari No.2 (Paschal Exaposilarion)
Timo Ruottinen (b. 1947), Pyhä Jumala, Alkupsalmi
Ivan Moody (b. 1964), Te Apostolit…
Peter Mirolybov (Mirola) (1918-2000), Music for the Dormition of the Mother of God

Recorded Samples:
Ruottinen: Psalm 103
Ruottinen: Ehtooveisu (Phos hilaron from Vespers)
Bashmakov: Beatitudes

Sound samples from the CD Oi Jumalansynnyttäjä / O Theotokos Mother of Life, sung by the parish choir of the Tampere Orthodox Church, conducted by Timo Ruottinen (rehearsal pianist was Leonid Bashmakov).

Ivan Moody (recently ordained an Orthodox priest) returns to Portland this January to conduct Finnish choral works never before heard outside Finland that combine shining Northern clarity with Russian sonic richness. Moody is well known for his works for Trio Mediaeval (Words of an Angel, A Lion’s Sleep, and The Troparion of Kassiani), as well as his largest work to date, The Akáthistos Hymn, written for Cappella Romana and released on double CD.

This program of choral works from the Orthodox Church of Finland is led by one of the world’s foremost experts in the repertoire, the Rev. Ivan Moody, recently appointed chairman of the International Society for Orthodox Church Music in Joensuu, Finland.

While Orthodoxy was the earliest form of Christianity to reach Finland, its music was initially drawn from the rich Slavic tradition, subsequently adapted into the Finnish language.

In the 20th century, original works began to be composed in Finnish that drew upon the remarkable Finnish choral tradition, marrying the shining Northern clarity of sound with a sonic richness clearly related to the traditions of Russian choral singing.

Seattle-based singer Maria Männistö, 2007 Finlandia Foundation National Performer of the Year, will be a guest soprano and linguistic coach for the program.

The Orthodox Church in Finland serves the country’s important Orthodox minority, which has existed in the region since the 12th century, despite wars, shifting national borders, and other social upheavals.

The concert will feature a cappella choral works by composers such as Pekka Attinen, Boris Jakubov, Pekka Mirola, Leonid Bashmakov, Timo Ruottinen and the remarkable young 22-year-old composer Mikko Sidoroff. In addition, Ivan Moody’s new Finnish work Te Apostolit will be given its world première.