A Byzantine Emperor at King Henry's Court

A Byzantine Emperor at King Henry’s Court: Christmas 1400, London


Due to mounting public health concerns regarding COVID-19 and the increased prevalence of the omicron variant, Cappella Romana’s January performances of A Byzantine Emperor at King Henry’s Court have been postponed.

At Christmastide 1400, King Henry IV of England received at his court Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Emperor Manuel II, who was on a quest through Europe seeking aid against the Ottomans.

Manuel enjoyed lavish entertainment from his English hosts, who were in awe at his devotion to daily services chanted in Greek during his visit.

We celebrate this historic East-West encounter at London’s Eltham Palace—between the singers of the two royal chapels—with a newly researched program in Greek and Latin for Christmas and Epiphany.

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Medieval Byzantine Chant and Imperial Acclamations c. 1400 Medieval English Chant and Polyphony for the Sarum Rite

Artists on this Program

Alexander Lingas

Alexander Lingas, music director and founder of Cappella Romana

Alexander Lingas, Music Director of Cappella Romana, is a Reader in Music at City University London and a Fellow of the University of Oxford’s European Humanities Research Centre. He received his Ph.D. in Historical Musicology from the University of British… Read More…

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