Arvo Pärt: Odes of Repentance (California)

Composer Arvo Pärt

Cappella Romana performs “Odes of Repentance” by the world-renowned Orthodox composer Arvo Pärt

Alexander Lingas, music director

Arvo Pärt is an Orthodox Christian whose music resonates beyond boundaries of church and faith, and was recently named “Archon Protomaïstoros” by Ecumenical Patriarch +Bartholomew. Cappella Romana presents here a concert from its 2017 Arvo Pärt Festival, a program of about one hour sung in the form of an Orthodox prayer service, the Paraklesis or Moleben.

“ There is something about Pärt’s music that is at once powerful, yet also fragile, representing both extrovert and introvert. His music not only reflects the words of ancient texts, but also brings complex expression to the human experience. This is music that is both timeless and timely. One is able to become lost in the music, feeling as though they’ve entered a portal to a thousand years ago, and yet remain completely in touch with the current state of the world. Sunday’s concert at Reed College had this effect on me personally, with both vocal and instrumental pieces performed, but it was in Saturday’s performance at St. Mary’s when I most intensely felt this phenomenon.… While the music played, I considered its source, written in the late 20th century by a composer who is still with us; a composer who grew up in Communist Estonia where his beliefs were frowned upon. I found myself sitting in an American Catholic church as Pärt’s Estonian Orthodox music washed over me, and I realized that perhaps the differences that seem so significant among we humans, aren’t as great as we perceive.” —John Pitman, All Classical FM Portland


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