Venice in the North

Venice in the North

Venice in the North

Cappella Romana first performed “Venice in the North” at the 2016 Early Music Festival in Utrecht (Netherlands). Make your April complete with this remarkable music!

An exploration of Russian Orthodox choral works from the Imperial Court Chapel in Saint Petersburg, by the Venetian Classical masters employed there under Catherine the Great.

“Venice in the North” explores revolutionary trends in 17th- and 18th-century Russian sacred music, featuring compositions for Orthodox services by Venetians Giuseppe Sarti and Baldassare Galuppi, and Galuppi’s star Ukrainian student Dmitri Bortnyansky.

Especially in Saint Petersburg, the liturgical arts of architecture, iconography, and singing displayed influence from the Baroque culture of the West, evident in music from the cultivation of Italian and Central European polyphonic styles.


Program Notes

From the Services of Vespers and Matins

  • Giuseppe Sarti (1729–1802): Introductory Psalm of Vespers (Ps. 103, selected verses)
  • Baldassare Galuppi (1706–1785): Sacred Concerto “Pass judgment, Lord” (from Ps. 34)
  • Stepan Anikiyevich Degtiarev (1766–1813): Polyeleos (Selected verses of Pss. 134 & 135)
  • Galuppi: Troparia for the Burial of Christ
  • Sarti: Great Doxology

From the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

  • Galuppi: Only-Begotten Son (Justinian’s Troparion) and Small Litany
  • Maxim Sozontovich Berezovsky (1745–77): Introit
  • Court Chant (ed. Nikolai Bakhmetev, 1807–91): Apolytikion and Kontakion of the Holy Cross
  • Berezovsky: Trisagion
  • Sarti: Cherubic Hymn No. 2
  • Artemy Lukyanovich Vedel (1767–1808): Anaphora (Eucharistic Prayer) Responses
  • Galuppi/Berezovsky: It Is Truly Right (Megalynarion)
  • Galuppi/Berezovsky: The Lord’s Prayer
  • Court Chant ed. Dmitri Stepanovich Bortnyansky (1751–1825): Responses after the Lord’s Prayer
  • Berezovksy: Communion Verse for Sundays No. 2
  • Bortnyansky: Post-Communion Chants and Responses
    • We Have Seen the True Light (Court Chant)
    • Let Our Mouth Be Filled (Kievan Chant)
    • Dismissal (Court Chant, abbreviated)
  • Sarti: Sacred Concerto: “My heart has uttered a good word” (Ps. 44, selected verses)


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