Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia

Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia: Medieval Byzantine Chant

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Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia: Medieval Byzantine Chant

Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia is the first vocal album in the world to be recorded entirely in live virtual acoustics. It brings together art history, music history, performance, and technology to re-create medieval sacred sound in the cathedral of Hagia Sophia as an aural virtual reality.

With a stunning reverberation time of over 11 seconds, the acoustics of Hagia Sophia were measured and analyzed, and auralized in real-time on Cappella Romana’s performance by the Icons of Sound team at Stanford University (iconsofsound.stanford.edu).

Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia presents more than 75 minutes of medieval Byzantine chant for the Feast of the Holy Cross in Constantinople, one of the greatest celebrations in the yearly cycle of worship at Hagia Sophia. This deluxe package (CD and Blu-rayTM) contains standard- and high-resolution stereo and surround-sound formats including Dolby Atmos™, as well as a bonus track and a 24-minute documentary film.

Enrich your experience of the music with in-depth essays, musical examples, and illustrations about the project in a 40-page booklet, which also presents all original Greek texts with translations in English. For a thousand years, Hagia Sophia was the largest enclosed space in the world. Let Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia transport you back in time to medieval sound and ritual in this monumental sixth-century cathedral.

Recorded at CCRMA, Stanford University. Stereo version mixed & mastered at Perfect Record, St. Paul, Minn. Surround-sound version mixed & mastered at Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm Ltd. Company, Marin County, California.

Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia - Billboard #1


“my whole body shivered and the tears started up… as voices reverberated across every surface and light filtered through the smoke behind the singers, I looked around and saw many cheeks that were glistening. I wasn’t alone. It was everywhere, these tears, so I decided to stop trying to hide it, and just listen.” —Katie Herzog, The Stranger

“I’m fortunate to live in Portland, Oregon, where Cappella Romana is based, and I can tell you from personal experience their live concerts are often amazing, even if they’re not, as in this instance, absolutely drenched in the reverberant atmosphere of Turkey’s iconic Hagia Sophia cathedral, which is, as indicated above, “re-created” digitally for this often astounding release. … This is a stellar release all around, and Cappella Romana: Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia comes Highly recommended” —Jeffrey Kauffman, Blu-Ray.com


Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia (from Pop-Up Magazine tour)

Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia: A short segment from our tour with Pop-Up Magazine and Sam Harnett. Come hear the full program in Portland, September 22, at Portland Art Museum: cappellaromana.org/gala

Posted by Cappella Romana on Tuesday, 17 September 2019