Cappella Romana's CD for Christmas and Epiphany, this disc features both contemporary a cappella choral works and medieval chant for the feasts of the Nativity and Epiphany (known as Theophany in the East). Compositions by Peter Michaelides, Frank Desby, Tikey Zes, and Cappella Romana singer and composer John Vergin.

Album Tracks
1. Kontakion for the Forefeast of Christmas, Peter Michaelides
Four Christmas Idiomela, Michael Adamis
2. Glory to God in the Highest
3. Today Christ is born
4. The Magi, Kings of Persia
5. Today Bethlehem receives him
6. The First Ode of the Kanon for Christmas, St. Kosmas the Melodist
Three Christmas Hymns, Peter Michaelides
7. Apolytikion
8. Megalynarion
9. Christ is born
10-11. “As many of you as have been baptized”, Frank Desby
12. Alleluiarion for Christmas Day
13. Cherubic Hymn (Mode Plagal IV), Tikey Zes
14. Megalynarion for Theophany, Tikey Zes
15. Communion Verse for Theophany, Tikey Zes
16. When Augustus Reigned, John Vergin