The Akáthistos Hymn to the Virgin Mary, set by Ivan Moody. This lyrical masterpiece in 24 stanzas has been treasured for nearly 1,500 years by Eastern Christians. Father Moody’s 1998 setting, composed specially for the ensemble, weaves beloved Greek melodies into Russian choral textures as it progresses from reverent contemplation to ecstatic transcendence.

This second 2018 edition of Cappella Romana’s original release features updated essays and biographies of the artists. With full texts in English and translations for lyrics in Greek and Slavonic.

purity and radiance in perfect realisations”


The sound is splendid”

American Record Guide

light and warmth over an ancient musical ground”

Willamette Week

Track Listing

Disc One

  1. First Koukoulion (original prologue)
  2. Second Koukoulion
  3. First Stasis

  4. Ikos One (Original Prologue)
  5. Ikos Two
  6. Ikos Three
  7. Ikos Four
  8. Ikos Five
  9. Ikos Six
  10. Second Stasis

  11. Ikos Seven
  12. Ikos Eight
  13. Ikos Nine
  14. Ikos Ten
  15. Ikos Eleven
  16. Ikos Twelve

Disc Two

    Third Stasis

  1. Ikos Thirteen
  2. Ikos Fourteen
  3. Ikos Fifteen
  4. Ikos Sixteen
  5. Ikos Seventeen
  6. Ikos Eighteen
  7. Fourth Stasis

  8. Ikos Nineteen
  9. Ikos Twenty
  10. Ikos Twenty-one
  11. Ikos Twenty-two
  12. Ikos Twenty-three
  13. Ikos Twenty-four
  14. Second Koukoulion (again)
  15. O Tebe raduetsya

  16. O Tebe raduetsya