This exhilarating and top-selling recording of sacred choral music, “Lay Aside all Earthly Cares,” represents the pioneering musical and pastoral work of Father Sergei Glagolev (b. 1927) to use English in Orthodox services. Hear the spirit of the Russian choral tradition in English. The CD booklet features an important essay on liturgical composition by Father Sergei as well as complete texts of the musical selections. Listeners will hear Father Sergei's mellifluous voice singing the priest's lines on this CD in perfect balance with the inspiring voices of Cappella Romana.

“The Spirit of the Russian Sound–in English” Destined to be a devotional classic, Cappella Romana’s release, Lay Aside All Earthly Cares, features Russian-styled choral works in English by the visionary priest, composer, and teacher Father Sergei Glagolev (b. 1927). These works can be considered seminal in the liturgical repertoire of American Orthodoxy.

Drawing upon a variety of stylistic idioms, from Russian znamenny and common chant, to Byzantine chant, to the works of Chesnokov and Gretchaninoff, Fr. Sergei Glagolev creates choral settings that employ the sound and cadence of the English language as their starting point. This recording is made possible by a generous grant from the Virginia H. Farah Foundation.

Album Tracks
1. Bless the Lord, O my soul
2. O gladsome Light
3. Lord, now let Thy servant
4. Rejoice, Virgin Theotokos
5. Praise the name of the Lord
6. The Great Doxology, No. 1
7. Bless the Lord, O my soul
8. The Second Antiphon
9. Only begotten Son
10. Holy God, No. 2
11. Alleluia, No. 1
12. Cherubic Hymn (Special Melody: The thief beheld)
13. A mercy of peace, No. 2
14. It is truly meet
15. Our Father/One is holy/Praise the Lord, No. 1
16. Praise the Lord from the heavens, No. 2
17. I will receive the cup, No. 2
18. Their proclamation has gone out, No. 2
19. Rejoice in the Lord
20. Receive the Body of Christ, No. 1, 2, 1
21. Blessed be the name of the Lord
22. Psalm 33
23. All of creation
24. Troparion for the Sunday of Orthodoxy
25. Let my prayer arise
26. Now the Powers of heaven
27. Taste and see
28. Thy bridal chamber
29. The wise thief, No. 2
30. The wise thief, No. 3
31. Let all mortal flesh
32. What shall we call you, Mary