In this recording, Mt Sinai Frontier of Byzantium, Cappella Romana performs exquisite Byzantine musical treasures–from the cathedrals and monasteries of the Eastern Roman Empire–preserved from destruction in the Egyptian desert at the Greek Orthodox Monastery of St. Catherine at Mt. Sinai. Features music for the medieval celebration of Vespers in honor of St. Catherine, and Byzantium’s only liturgical drama, the Service of the Three Youths in the Fiery Furnace. Music originally commissioned by the J. Paul Getty Center in Los Angeles for its mega-exhibition “Icons from Sinai.”

Album Tracks

The Vespers of St. Catherine

1. Invitatorium, Mode Plagal IV
2. Proemium, from Psalm 103, Mode Plagal IV
3. Anoixantaria, St. John Koukouzelis, Mode Plagal IV
4. Doxology of the Anoixantaria, Mode II

From the Lamplighting Psalms, the Kekragarion, Mode I
5. Psalm 140: 1
6. Paslm 140: 2
7. Psalm 140: 3-5
8. Three Stichera Prosomoia for St. Catherine, Mode I

Doxastikon: Sticheron Idiomelon, Mode II
9. Part 1
10. Part 2, Mode Plagal II

The Service of the Furnace: A liturgical account of the Three Holy Children according to MS Sinai 1527
11. Sticheron, Mode II
12. First Canticle, Ode 7, The Song of the Three Holy Children with Refrains, Traditional and Xenos Korones
13. Sticheron “The Angel of the Lord came down”, Manuel Gazes the Lampadarios, Mode Plagal IV
14. Conclusion of the First Canticle
15. Second Canticle, Ode 8
16. Kalophonic Sticheron “When the tyrant saw”, Angelos Gregoriou, Mode Plagal IV
17. Conclusion of the Second Canticle