Cappella Romana's CD, Music of Byzantium, released in conjunction with the Metropolitan Museum of Art for its 2004 exhibit “Byzantium: Faith and Power,” where the ensemble made its New York debut in April 2004. This compilation recording features primarily live recordings from recent concerts of Cappella Romana's concerts of Byzantine chant, dating from 1261 to 1556.

Album Tracks
1. Kontakion “To you my Champion”, byzantine chant
2. Imperial Acclameations for Constantine XI Palaiologos, byzantine chant
3. Kontakion for Theophany, Romanos the Melodist
4. Festial Trisagion “As many of you as have been baptized”, Xenos Korones
9. Kanon in Honor of St. Thomas Aquinas: Ode 1
10. Communion for Mid-Pentecost
11. Lament for the Fall of Constantinople, Manuel Chrysaphes
12. Lamentatio Sanctae Matris Ecclesiae Constantinopolitanae, Guillaume Dufay
13. “O great and most sacred Pascha”, Hieronymus Tragodistes of Cyprus