“Angelic Light: Music from Eastern Cathedrals” features both ancient chant melodies and compositions by some of the world's most notable composers.

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The selections of “Angelic Light: Music from Eastern Cathedrals” feature both liturgical and para-liturgical works, seamlessly moving from ancient chant melodies to compositions by some of the world’s most notable composers working in the tradition today including Rev. Dr. Ivan Moody, Peter Michaelides and Tikey Zes. Song selection and sequence from Ellen Holmes (producer of the Hearts of Space Records’ Sacred Treasures series).

Album Tracks

1. As Many of You As Have Been Baptized”, Frank Desby
2. O Great and Most Sacred Pascha”, Hieronymus Tragodistes of Cyprus
3. Cherubic Hymn (in English, Mode Plagal IV), Tikey Zes
4. Communion Verse for Sundays, Peter Michaelides
5. Cherubic Hymn, Peter Michaelides
6. Great Entrance and Communion Hymn for Holy Thursday (Mode Plagal IV), Tikey Zes
7. Communion Verse for Sundays, Mode Plagal I, Tikey Zes
8. Now the Powers of heaven, Fr Sergei Glagolev
9. Cherubic Hymn (Special Melody: The Thief Behold), Fr Sergei Glagolev
10. Let All Mortal Flesh, Fr Sergei Glagolev
11. Megalynarion for Christmas, Peter Michaelides
12. Ikos Six, from The Akathistos Hymn, Rev. Dr. Ivan Moody
13. Kontakion of the Mother of God, Medieval Byzantine Chant
14. O Tebe Raduetsya, Rev. Dr. Ivan Moody
15. What Shall We Call You, Richard Toensing
16. Cherubic Hymn (in Greek, Mode Plagal IV), Tikey Zes