2012-2013 Season: From Constantinople to California

The Cappella Romana 2012-2013 Season comes full circle in June 2013 with the “From Constantinople to California” concert series! Not only will the season kick off with the release of the LIVE IN GREECE recording featuring the From Constantinople to California program, it will also end with performances of the program both in Portland and Seattle!

Join Cappella Romana on a 1,000-year journey from Constantinople to California. Ancient Byzantine chants mark the point of departure for musical encounters with Crusaders and Venetians. East meets West again at St. Sophia Cathedral in Los Angeles, where Frank Desby founded a tradition, continued by his Californian peers, of Greek-American choral music. The tour comes full circle with the mystical ecstasy of Radiant Cloud, a sonic icon of the Transfiguration by Athenian composer Michael Adamis.

In September 2011 Cappella Romana toured Greece for the first time, performing this program at the international Sacred Music Festival of Patmos (Φεστιβάλ Φρησκευτικής Μουσικής Πάτμου). On the island of Paros, Cappella Romana performed at the 6th century Church of 100 Doors and in the village church of Áspro Chorió (on the front of this brochure), where the ensemble also recorded a new disc, Cappella Romana: LIVE IN GREECE.

Read the program notes from this performance here: