The Divine Liturgy by Samuel Herron

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By popular demand, Cappella Romana Publishing releases The Divine Liturgy by Samuel Herron. Employing the official translation of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, this volume is the first of its kind in English. 

The Divine Liturgy collects all of the hymns for the service, composed in English and in Byzantine notation, in one volume. 

This one-of-a-kind publication collects in one elegant volume everything you’ll need, especially a unique collection of Cherubic Hymns and Communion Hymns in all eight modes in both short and long settings, unavailable anywhere else.

This book will improve the sung worship all year long in your parish, with chants in English for cantors at every skill level.

The compositions follow the natural cadence of English, presented in Byzantine notation, using the official English translation of the Greek Orthodox Church of America.

Pressented in a Large clothbound format (9”x12”), ideal for solo and choral singing at the analogion, with elegant, large-font typesetting in traditional black and red. Truly a gorgeous book, designed by Ephrem Acker, matching the beauty of Orthodox services.

This volume presents a comprehensive, unified collection of chants for Divine Liturgy, including:

  • All chants for Litanies, Antiphons, Introits (Eisodiká), and Alleluiária.
  • Resurrectional Tropária as well as Typiká (Typical Psalms) and the Beatitudes in all eight modes
  • Kontákia and slow Katavasíes of the Ninth Ode for the Mother of God for the entire year (Megalynaria)
  • Trisagion settings in multiple modes and substitutes (Antitriságia) for baptismal feasts and feasts of the Cross
  • Cherubic Hymns in long and shorter settings in all eight modes, as well as the Anticherubiká for Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday
  • Responses at the consecration (Leitourgiká) settings in all eight modes, as well as a traditional klitón (“reader’s mode”) setting
  • Megalynaria
  • Communion Verses for Sunday in all eight modes, as well as for all weekdays and feasts
  • In addition to the elegant compositions by the author, Sam Herron has also included compositions from fellow world-class chant composers Gabriel Cremeens, Phillip Phares, and Dr. Nicholas Roumas. Dr. Roumas also provided the psalm translations.

Endorsed by Georgios Theodoridis: 

The Divine Liturgy… honors our ancient musical heritage of the Psaltic Art… addressing and meeting the current needs of Orthodox parishes and faithful across the country.” 

– Geórgios Theodorídis, Archon Music Instructor of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, and Master Chanter, Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Washington, D. C. 

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Samuel Herron

Samuel Herron is the Protopsáltis (First Cantor) and Director of Music Ministry at St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church in Charlotte, NC, where he has served since 2023. Previously, he was Protopsáltis of Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Scottsdale, AZ from 2018-2023, 

Protopsáltis of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the New England Metropolis in Boston 2016-2017, Protopsáltis of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Chattanooga, TN from 2010 to 2015, and Lampadários of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Nashville, TN from 2007-2009. 

Samuel has performed with the Greek Byzantine Choir directed by Lycoúrgos Angelópoulos of blessed memory, the Archdiocesan Byzantine Choir directed by Protopsáltis Geórgios Theodorídis, the Psaltikon Ensemble directed by Dr. Spýridon Antonópoulos, Cappella Romana directed by John Michael Boyer, and the Holy Cross St. Romanós the Melodist Byzantine Choir directed by Fr. Romanós Karános.

Samuel began his study of Byzantine Music under Leonídas Kotsíris in 2002. In 2006, he spent three months studying under Lycoúrgos Angelópoulos of blessed memory, Árchon Protopsáltis of the Archdiocese of Constantinople, Protopsáltis of Agía Eiríni in Athens, and director of the Greek Byzantine Choir. From 2015-2017, he studied under Fr. Romanós Karános while attending Hellenic College Holy Cross, where he received his Certificate in Byzantine Music with a grade of Excellent in 2015.

In July 2018, Samuel founded both the English Hyphos Project and its companion choir, the Dynamis Byzantine Ensemble, an initiative with the mission to produce high quality English language translations, musical settings, and recordings of Byzantine Chant. English Hyphos/Dynamis Ensemble’s releases include the CD releases The Hymns of Saint George and Bright Monday (2019), A Journey through Lent to Holy Week (2020), and The Mystic Pascha (2021), a single volume collection of English language chants for Easter. 

In 2020, Samuel co-founded the Trisagion School of Byzantine Music with Gabriel Cremeens and Amy Hogg, an online music academy dedicated to teaching Byzantine music at all levels of ability.