A Time For Life — Conclusion

Robert Kyr: A TIme for LifeThe final phase of the journey (Part III: Remembering) moves towards a hopeful future in which humanity serves as a responsible steward of the earth and thus realigns itself with the creative forces of existence. This journey is a spiritual one in which we remember our true responsibility of stewardship for the earth, and through this awakening finally “act(s) as one to preserve creation” (Part III: Final Chorale). This spiritual awakening leads to true and sustained action, as the final arc of the journey passes through three phases: “…remembering… restoring… rejoicing…” In turn, these phases lead to gratitude for all life: “Beauty before me…behind me…below me…above me…around me…In beauty it is finished…”

A Time for Life is dedicated to Alexander Lingas and Cappella Romana. I believe that music and the arts have a crucial role to play in the transformation of the current energy of cynicism and destruction into the life-sustaining attitude and energy of creativity. And thus, my environmental oratorio traces our journey from a state of division and separation to the way of unity and wholeness.

—Robert Kyr

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