Alexander Lingas and John M. Boyer presenting at the Axion Estin Symposium in New York

This week, the Axion Estin Foundation is holding its second conference in New York with the title “Building a Byzantine Choir.” Both Dr. Alexander Lingas and John M. Boyer will be key contributors to the event.

Dr. Alexander Lingas will be assisting Lycourgos Angelopoulos in his three-day workshop entitled “Building a Byzantine Choir”. Dr. Lingas will translate the sessions from Greek to English and offer brief background information if necessary.

John M. Boyer was commissioned by the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians to transcribe all the music scores which will be used in the symposium into western notation and to accompany the original Greek text with English phonetics.

Audio and video of the last symposium may be found here, including a short presentation by Alexander Lingas.