Alexander Lingas Gives Presentations at Yale and King’s College

Alexander Lingas gives academic presentations at the Institute of Sacred Music at Yale University and the Institute of Classical Studies at King’s College London:
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King’s College London

Eastern-Western Motet: Liturgical Music in Byzantium and the West

The Musical Codification of Byzantine Hymnody

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Yale University Institute of Sacred Music

Competing Imaginations: Byzantine Chant and the Search for Usable Pasts

This presentation will survey major points of contention that have arisen over the past 150 years as authors writing from a variety of vantage points have competed to imagine pasts for Byzantine chant that were, as Yiorgos Anagnostou would say, ‘usable’ within particular ecclesiastical, political or social contexts. Some of these pasts were imagined in such a way as to complement the aspirations of peoples in Eastern Europe and the Middle East seeking to build distinct national cultures upon the ruins of the multi-ethnic Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires. These locally imagined pasts fostered especially virulent debate when colliding with the supranational ideologies of Western Orientalism and Orthodox anti-Westernism, manifestations of which may be seen in competing claims to the musical inheritance of the Late Antique and early medieval Christian oikoumene.

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