Cappella Romana in the New York Review of Books

Cappella Romana and its founder and artistic director Alexander Lingas were lauded in the New York Review of Books this week.

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The New York Review of Books, Volume 55, Number 14 · September 25, 2008

Brilliant, Beautiful & Byzantine
By G.W. Bowersock

Byzantium: The Surprising Life of a Medieval Empire
by Judith Herrin
Princeton University Press, 392 pp., $29.95


“The music of Byzantium, to which Herrin might have considered allotting a chapter, is no less overwhelming than the places in which it is performed. The success of the contemporary Cappella Romana chamber ensemble, ably directed by Alexander Lingas of London, introduces modern listeners to the sounds that filled the churches of Byzantium no less than the light of their lamps.”