Cappella Romana Rehearses Arctic Light — Video

ARCTIC LIGHT: Finnish Orthodox Choral Music

Beautiful Finnish choral music of the Orthodox tradition, conducted by Timo Nuoranne from Helsinki, who is making his US debut with Cappella Romana. Cappella Romana will pre-release its 20th recording, also called “Arctic Light,” at these performances.

Listen here to a sample of the music, as performed to sold-out audiences in 2008, a Megalynarion (Ylistysveisu) to the Virgin Mary by Peter Mirolybov (1918–2004) from his “Four Hymns for the Dormition of the Mother of God.”

The works on the program marry a shining Northern clarity of sound with a sonic richness clearly linked to the traditions of Russian choral singing.

Come experience the Lux ex oriente—the Light of the East—as refracted through the Arctic.

8pm, Fri., Jan. 17, St. Mary’s Cathedral
8pm, Sat., Jan. 18, St. Joseph’s Parish