Cappella Romana To Perform at International Music Symposium

2016 Pan-Orthodox Music SymposiumCappella Romana presents a special concert of Orthodox liturgical hymns under the direction of Fr. Ivan Moody during the 2016 Pan-Orthodox Music Symposium

The International Society for Orthodox Church Music is pleased to announce that the vocal ensemble Cappella Romana will present a special concert of Orthodox liturgical hymns in Minneapolis as part of the Pan-Orthodox Music Symposium. The concert, under Father Ivan’s direction, will feature the extraordinary Opelo (Requiem) by Stevan Hristić, Peter Mirolybov’s Exapostilarion for the Dormition, and works by Father Ivan himself, Kurt Sander, Father Glagolev and Tikey Zes. The program will showcase the breadth of creativity found in Orthodox liturgical music from the Byzantine and Slavic traditions to more modern settings from Finland and America.

The selections which Cappella Romana will perform reflect the sense of creativity and diversity reflect the mission of the ISOCM and the success of its conferences and gatherings. “Past ISOCM events have proved that bringing together musicians from different traditions and different countries is a uniquely effective way of effecting a pan-Orthodox witness both to the universality of the faith and the diversity of its traditions,” said Father Ivan.

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