Classical-Modern Music Review For Hymns of Kassianí

Grego-Applegate Edwards has a grand new review and recommendation for our Hymns of Kassianí recording:

“It is rather exciting to me that the Early Music Cappella Romana has released an entire album of the Hymns of Kassiani (Capella Records CR422 SACD). … This is meant to be a first volume in a series that will record all of Kassiani’s works. … The SACD hybrid contains high quality two-channel and 5.0 Surround mixes. The sound is excellent. Cappella Romana gives us excellent, state-of-the-art performances of chants from male and mixed choirs, including two versions of her well-loved hymn for Holy Week. They are beautifully realized under the direction of Alexander Lingas. … I strongly recommend this album for anyone seeking to experience an important element of historical lifeways in music. It is ravishing, invariably, and quite refreshing if you are not familiar. Either way this one is a milestone.”

—Grego Applegate-Edwards, Classical-Modern Music Review

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