Classical Net Raves about A Time For Life

Robert-Kyr_A-Time-For-LifeClassical Net‘s Brian Wigman has a wonderful new review for our A Time For Life recording:

“I am contending that great religious music, really great religious music, touches us all through beauty, musical thought, and sincerity of purpose. Therefore, this project is not only a major statement of ecumenical ideals, but also a major musical statement. As a profoundly beautiful religious work, it succeeds. As a statement of tolerance and peace, it succeeds. And as something that we can all connect to, it succeeds all the more. … There is perhaps no choir that can sing this kind of music more beautifully than Cappella Romana. Having commissioned this work, they are understandably passionate about it, singing with real emotion and depth. The members of Third Angle New Music also make absolutely lovely sounds. This is a tremendous disc, one which requires no religion to enjoy, but only heart and soul. We all have this, so it means something, I hope, to each one of us.” —Brian Wigman, Classical Net

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