Echoes of the Renaissance – Pre-Concert Talks

gil_seeleyDr. Gil Seeley, music professor emeritus of Lewis and Clark College and of the Oregon Repertory Singers, will give the pre-concert talks for “Echoes of the Renaissance.” He was a classmate of Tikey Zes at the University of Southern California, and also knew Greek American composer and church musician Frank Desby, also a graduate of USC.

Tikey Zes was first to record Ockeghem’s Missa Mimi on Lyrachord LP in 1964; when Gil Seeley heard it for the first time it was “a revelation,” says Seeley.

Cappella Romana has obtained a rare copy of this LP.

Dr. Seeley will be playing excerpts of this recording, and of Cappella Romana’s CD of the Divine Liturgy by Tikey Zes, who is greatly influenced by Ockeghem and other Renaissance composers.

Pre-concert talks begin one hour prior to the concerts on January 9, 10, and 11.

More information here about the concerts.