Meet Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller is well known for his unique basso profundo voice.

His singing career includes numerous performances and recordings as a member of Conspirare, Robert Shaw Festival Singers, St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, Choir of Men and Boys, Choir of St. Paul’s Cathedral London, New York Choral Artists, and Vox Early Music Ensemble in Ann Arbor. As a soloist, Glenn has appeared with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and has been featured in operatic productions in Bonn and Prague. Glenn Miller is Director of Music and Organist at Kirk in the Hills in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

An amateur video of Miller singing a low B-flat for a crowd of choral convention attendees garnered over 20,000 views on YouTube. A low B-flat isn’t his lowest note: that would be an F, a full octave lower than the bottom end of the typical bass range.

Glenn Miller was the recipient of a Grammy award for his work with Conspirare on their recording of Russian Orthodox Choral works.