Leitourgeia ka Qurbana review of Angelic Light: Music from Eastern Cathedrals

Richard Barrett of the Leitourgeia ka Qurbana: Contra den Zeitgeist reviews Angelic Light: Music from Eastern Cathedrals:

“The compilation Angelic Light: Music from Eastern Cathedrals is … a demonstration that you actually can just write gorgeouspsounding Western music for Orthodox texts…

“There’s an awful lot to like about this recording; it’s a great sampling of Cappella Romana‘s polyphonic efforts, as well as of contemporary Orthodox composers in the Western world. … Standouts include track 1, a setting of the Greek text of the anti-Trisagion “As many as have been baptized” as well as Glagolev’s Cherubic Hymn, Moody’s “O Tébe Ráduyetsia” from the The Akathistos Hymn release, and Toensing’s carol “What shall we call you, Mary?” (very nice to see his vastly-underappreciated “Orthodox Christmas carols” included among such other works). Fr. Ivan Moody’s work I particularly appreciate because I think it does a nice job of showing how incorporating Byzantine melodic material can be an intentional compositional choice in the context of a broader work…”

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