Looking Ahead to the New Year!

The New Year is upon us, and it’s set to be an exciting one for Cappella Romana! Take a look at some upcoming highlights:

Rachmaninoff Liturgy

Cappella Romana presents Rachmaninoff’s first major a cappella work, his 1910 Divine Liturgy.

Read Fr. Ivan Moody’s notes on this wonderful work!

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8pm, Fri., Jan. 11, St. Mary’s Cathedral
8pm, Sat., Jan. 12, Holy Rosary Church, West Seattle
Portland (matinée)
3pm, Sun., Jan. 13, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

Free pre-concert talks one hour prior to each performance.

Stanford University Residency:

February 1st, Cappella Romana will perform in Stanford University’s new Bing Concert Hall which opens in January! Cappella Romana will perform the “From Constantinople to California” program amid acoustics electronically enhanced to simulate the lush resonances of the ancient Hagia Sophia cathedral in Istanbul, Turkey in collaboration with faculty in Art & Art History and the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA).

February 2nd, Cappella Romana will present a concert in the Stanford Memorial Church featuring our “Byzantine Holy Week in Jerusalem” program.

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Renaissance Easter in Spain and Portugal

Featuring Queen’s College Oxford, and Contrapunctus director Owen Rees

Experience the feast of the Resurrection through the lens of soaring polyphonic
motets by the great Spanish and Portuguese composers Francisco Guerrero, Duarte Lobo, and Tomás Luis de Victoria.

Tage Alter Musik – Regensburg, Germany

Tage Alter Musik – European Tour

Cappella Romana makes its Germany Debut in Regensburg! Presented by the Tage Alter Musik Festival, Cappella Romana will perform the Mt. Sinai: Frontier of Byzantium repertoire!

May 17, 2013

From Constantinople to California

Our LIVE IN GREECE program goes to the National Conference of Chorus America in Seattle!

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Happy New Year!!!!!