Looking back at Cappella Romana in Greece

Now that LIVE IN GREECE is officially released, we’re taking the rest of the time this week to look back at our time on the tour when we made the recording.

Cappella Romana on National Greek Television:

Tour Video:

Cappella Romana LIVE IN GREECE: From Constantinople to California

Ancient Byzantine chants begin this 1,000-year journey from Constantinople to California, followed by musical encounters with Crusaders and Venetians, including Greek and Latin polyphony from Renaissance Crete. East meets West again at St. Sophia Cathedral in Los Angeles, where Frank Desby founded a tradition of Greek-American choral music with his Californian colleagues. The tour comes full circle with the mystical ecstasy of Radiant Cloud, a sonic icon of the Transfiguration by Athenian composer Michael Adamis.

Preview Track 7: Apolytikion of the Holy Cross via SoundCloud

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