More on Ensemble Organum and Marcel Peres

About Ensemble Organum’s last record: Requiem of Divitis (16th century)

For thirty years now, the vocal ensemble Organum has slowly but surely, far from the eye of the public at large, pieced together a veritable history of the singing of sacred music. With this new disc, Organum adds yet another layer to the knowledge of the interpretation and sound of early music, bringing together the body of research carried out for three decades by Marcel Pérès, in the continuity of his discoveries on liturgical chant of late Antiquity, Romanesque polyphonies, the rationalisation of measured rhythm, and the art of ornamentation in the Gothic era. This disc is the culmination of the objectives defined by Marcel Pérès twelve years:

“The study of medieval and ancient repertoires cannot be confined to the simple reconstitution of written or aural material. Through a musical approach that reveals other horizons, it calls for a differing way of relating to memory and its construction. The practice of this music profoundly transforms one’s relationship to patrimony. What was at first of a solely archaeological or aesthetic nature becomes an in-depth rethinking of one’s musical behaviour and its function within the larger social fabric.”

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Portland – 8pm, Friday, November 16th, St. Mary’s Cathedral
Seattle – 8pm, Saturday, November 17th, St. James Cathedral