Pre concert speakers

Pre-Concert Talks on CYPRUS | Two speakers:

Dr. Harry Anastasiou (Portland); Dr. Alexander Lingas (Seattle)

Talks are at 7:00pm, prior to the concerts


Cyprus: a tapestry of cultures
By Dr. Harry Anastasiou

Dr. Harry Anastasiou will deliver a presentation focusing on the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus from the perspective of its rich and complex history, its multi-cultural influences and its past and present conflicts. While Cyprus is predominantly comprised of 80% Greeks and 18% Turks, its culture, history and struggles is intertwined with a multitude of other cultures and peoples, and with the major events that have marked and shaped Eastern and Western European history.
Dr. Anastasiou will elaborate on these unique features of Cypriot society but will pay particular attention to the protracted Cyprus conflict and the currently unfolding hopes for inter-ethnic peace as Cyprus assumes its place within the regional democracy of the European Union.


Greeks and Latins in Medieval Cyprus
By Dr. Alexander Lingas

Cappella Romana’s founding Artistic Director Dr. Lingas will discuss the interactions between Greeks and Latins living on the island of Cyprus in the Middle Ages. Beginning when Cyprus was still under the control of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Emperors, Dr. Lingas will address its conquest by Richard I of England (the Lionhearted) in the 12th century followed by the long reign of the French Lusignan dynasty, who held most of the island until Ottoman forces took Cyprus in 1571.