Quick LIVE IN GREECE Review from Eugene Weekly

LIVE IN GREECE gets a quick feature/review on EugeneWeekly.com:

“One splendid new disc arrived just too late to make my last column of CD reviews of new releases by Oregon musicians. The Portland-based choir Cappella Romana is not only one of the finest vocal ensembles in the West, it’s also renowned for being the world’s primary exponent of music from the Byzantine era. The music of the ancient Eastern Roman empire and Greek and Russian Orthodox churches has until recently been relatively neglected in the West but has recently been experiencing a revival, driven by growing interest in world music and chant, and by scholarship (including work by Cappella’s England-based director, Portland native Alexander Lingas) that’s brought many powerful songs back to circulation after lying in obscurity for centuries.

During its 20th anniversary this year, the group journeyed to its music’s homeland and recorded its resonant new album — by far its most diverse yet — in concerts on the island of Paros. The collection includes works by Cretan court musicians Angelos Gregoriou and Manuel Gazes and other 15th and 16th century composers as well as modern choral settings of Byzantine chant, and is well worth the money saved by attending the aforementioned free concerts.” — Brett Campbell, Eugene Weekly

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