Support Cappella Romana by December 31

“Kassianí’s time-defying flow of melodies imparts serene glimpses into eternity.” —Gramophone Magazine

“The most beautiful concert experience in recent memory.” —Cappella Romana Patron

Dear friend,

I believe you’ve felt it: That moment when the music washes over you and an amazing calmness takes over. Your heartbeat slows. Your breathing gets deeper. You connect with something bigger and deeper.

I’m writing to you today because I think you, as someone who has experienced Cappella Romana in concert, know that feeling and how our music has done that for you. And because you understand, I’m hoping you’ll make a gift …

To keep the music going strong.

Will you make a gift of $100, $250, or even a really generous $500? It’s tax deductible for this year when you give by December 31.

Yes! I want to support Cappella Romana.

Also, a gift of $1,000 or more will be matched 100% by the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund this year, DOUBLING your impact.

It’s especially important this year. After nearly two years of pandemic, professional musicians are really hurting — and that includes our singers. Opportunities to perform and travel came to complete stop with the pandemic, and they still haven’t completely recovered.

Many of Cappella Romana’s roster of singers are still hurting from the last two years.

If our singers have enriched your life, nourished your soul, or just given you the joy of listening to music you love — please think about making a donation to support our established practice of paying industry-standard fees to these professionals.
I know you’re the kind of person who cares about the music and the musicians who make it. So I hope you’ll consider a new year-end donation today.

People like you have made so much possible:

* The re-launch of our concert series with A COVID Requiem, and Benedict Sheehan’s GRAMMY-nominated Liturgy, in-person and video-on-demand.

* The release of Hymns of Kassianí in April. Recording sessions: Heaven and Earth (Psalm 103) in July and two new future albums featuring memorial music by Sir John Tavener and John Michael Boyer recorded in August – in Ireland!

* A live performance of our internationally acclaimed Hagia Sophia program at Utrecht Early Music Festival, the largest of its kind, for 1,500 vaccinated (!) audience members.

* Our Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia recording was on the Billboard Classical Chart for 44 weeks!

In our noisy, rushed, frantic world, this music is more important than ever.
Your giving reaches classical music lovers, world music aficionados, and people like you who want to experience something you can’t get anywhere else.
Your giving makes it possible to grapple with today’s big questions through music:

* Hymns of Kassianí features the earliest known music by a woman composer, the 9th-c. nun and poet Kassía, sung by choirs of women and men together.

* Robert Kyr’s oratorio A Time for Life explores the urgent issue of our ecological crisis. Heaven and Earth offers a musical view of the dialogue between science and faith.

* A COVID Requiem allowed us to mourn our losses from the pandemic with hope for the future.

In support of this important work, I’m writing to ask you to make a gift of $100, $250, or even a generous $500 or $1000 by December 31.

To stay financially on track, we need to raise $75,000 by the end of the year.  The good news is that we have already raised nearly half of that goal.

You can put us over the top with your donation today. Just use the enclosed form, or rush your gift through by December 31.

If our music has been important to you, “pay it forward” by giving today.

Give if you want there to be more quality music like this available for everyone.

Give if you support musicians in these hard times.

Your generous support makes a tremendous difference, and I am beyond grateful that you’re part of the Cappella Romana family.

With sincere gratitude,

Thomas W. LaBarge
President of the Board of Directors
Cappella Romana

P.S. Keep this music available for everyone! Lend your support now with a year-end gift of $100, $250, or even a generous $500, (or $1000 matched 100%) by December 31.