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  • Singer Spotlight: Meet Kristen Buhler

    Singer Spotlight: Meet Kristen Buhler

    Our Singer Spotlight series continues with Kristen Buhler! What led you to singing professionally? I’ll never forget watching Choral Cross-Ties sing Samuel Barber’s Agnus Dei. I was a senior at Clackamas High School at the time, and heavily involved in choir and theater. I was enthralled with the powerful, emotional singing, and moved to tears. After…

  • The #Unselfie Movement — Kristen Buhler

    The #Unselfie Movement — Kristen Buhler

    Cappella Romana singer Kristen Buhler is a graduate of George Fox University and Portland State University. This Fall marks Kristen’s 11th year as an itinerant Teacher of Visually Impaired Students at Northwest Regional ESD in Hillsboro, where she teaches braille, daily living skills, and assistive technology to students aged birth-21. She recently co-authored a national braille…