The SunBreak Reviews “They Are At Rest”

Cappella Romana: They Are At Rest at St. Mark's Cathedral in Seattle

Portland’s Cappella Romana stepped away from its usual programming of Orthodox chant Friday night to sing a concert of music remembering the Armistice of 1918 and what it meant to the survivors. This was not by any means a rejoicing for the Armistice, but nor was it one of sorrow and anguish for the dead and wounded…Rather it was a somber one of consolation and also of hope for the resurrection of the dead.

Hearing this music exquisitely and expressively sung in the ambiance and acoustics of St. Mark’s Cathedral was already an emotional experience.…The result here was intensely eloquent, perhaps even more so for those of us who grew up in Europe right after WWII with losses surrounding us. The sound of Cappella Romana in [Vaughan Williams’ ‘My Soul, there is a country…’] could have come from King’s College, Cambridge.”

—Philippa Kiraly, The SunBreak

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