Why Is There Water Dripping down My Face? A Night at Pop-Up Magazine.

“my whole body shivered and the tears started up.”

Before the onslaught

Review from the Stranger, Seattle:

Still, it wasn’t just the sad stories that triggered crying. Sam Harnett brought along the Cappella Romana choir, a vocal ensemble based in Portland that sings ancient religious chants. The singers were brilliant on their own, but then Harnett told us about this new technology that mimics the acoustics of the Hagia Sofia, and when the choir chanted with this audio effect, my whole body shivered and the tears started up. … During the Cappella Romana choir, as voices reverberated across every surface and light filtered through the smoke behind the singers (really, they brought a smoke machine), I looked around and saw many cheeks that were glistening. I wasn’t alone. It was everywhere, these tears, so I decided to stopped trying to hide it, and just listen. 

—Katie Herzog, The Stranger

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