Cappella Romana at The J. Paul Getty Villa Program

The J. Paul Getty Villa

17 & 18 May 2014

Cappella Romana Performs Medieval Byzantine Chant


I. Great and Holy Friday in Jerusalem

  • Processional Sticheron: “The Paradise in Eden,” Mode Plagal 4
  • Three-Ode Kanon (Triodion): Kosmas the Melodist (8th c.), Mode Plagal 2: Ode 5
  • Kontakion on Mary at the Cross (Short and Psaltikon melody): Romanos the Melodist (6th c.)
  • Three-Ode Kanon, continued: Ode 9
  • Lauds (initial verses), Mode 4
  • Sticheron Prosomoion: “When all creation saw you crucified,” Mode 4
  • Sticheron Idiomelon: Theophanes Protothronos (9th c.), “All creation was changed,” Mode 1
  • Sticheron Idiomelon: Leo VI the Wise (866–912), “When she saw you, O Christ,” Mode 2
  • Sticheron Idiomelon: Stoudites, “Each member of your holy flesh,” Mode 3

II. Pentecost from the Traditions of Constantinople

  • Ode 1 of the Iambic Kanon (Mode 4), Melody: MS Grottaferrata E.γ.II
  • Alleluiarion in Mode 1 (Ps 32:6, 13), MS Florence Ashburnhamensis 64
  • Communion Verse (Ps 142: 10b), MS Grottaferrata Γ.γ.I
  • Teleutaion (final antiphon) of the Kneeling Vespers (Ps. 18)
    • Small litany and psalm intonation
    • Stichologia
    • Glory. Both now.
    • MS Florence Ashburnhamensis 64

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