Cappella Romana to sing Divine Liturgy in San Jose

Dr. Tikey Zes

Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, San Jose, CA

Sunday, September 28, 10:00am

The Divine Liturgy, with music composed by Dr. Tikey Zes (as recorded by Cappella Romana)

Under the direction of the composer, Dr. Tikey Zes

Following the fundraising event for the PAOI in San Francisco on Saturday night, Cappella Romana will sing the Divine Liturgy the following morning at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in San Jose, California.

Cappella Romana has long been an advocate of Dr. Zes’s compositions (the ensemble’s first CD is a monograph of his music, and is still in print).

The music for the service will be drawn from Dr. Zes’s settings of chants for the Divine Liturgy published in 1996. This setting was written for and dedicated to Cappella Romana in 1991, and was recorded on CD last year.

On this occasion the composer will direct Cappella Romana for the first time. Dr. Zes celebrates his 87th birthday in October. Chronia polla!