Choir & Organ Magazine Reviews Good Friday in Jerusalem

Good Friday In Jerusalem: Medieval Byzantine Chant from the Church of the Holy SepulchreChoir & Organ Magazine gives five stars to our Good Friday In Jerusalem recording in their May/June Issue:

“This ‘premiere in modern times’, revivified through extensive research, is true tingle-factor stuff: an austere, inexorable, mesmerising Crucifixion liturgy told in the 8th-and-9th-century Byzantine chant that once resounded within Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre, leading the listener through Christ’s final earthly journey. A lavishly spacious recording in acoustics mystically evocative of the original blooms around this super-resonant blend of voices, including Grecophone singers and plangent note-bending solo singing from Stelios Kontakiotis—compellingly convincing and cathartic.” —Rebecca Tavener, Choir & Organ Magazine

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