Fanfare Reviews “A Time for Life”

Fanfare Magazine has a new review for our Robert Kyr: A Time for Life release:

“This is my first exposure to the music of Robert Kyr (born 1952). I hope it not to be my last. The idea of a pan-religious frame of reference to address man’s ecological concerns is an attractive one, and it is precisely what this disc offers. …

“The florid music of this 2007 piece is often magical in its effect, while the melismatic vocal lines create a fluid, florid way through the issues explored. The use of drone is effective, implying perhaps an out-of-time-itself aspect to the music. The music acts as a plea for us to remember who we are, and does so in the most eloquent way possible. That the soloists (taken from Capella Romana) are so excellent helps, of course, working so well both in solo and in duet/ensemble. The idiom, which is alternately tonal then modal, falls easily on the ear yet is also capable of great power. …

“There is no doubt that Kyr writes from the heart. His concerns are of concern to us all. A blessedly poignant, timely disc, beautifully produced.” —Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine

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