How Timo Nuoranne is coming back to Cappella Romana

Audiences in the Pacific Northwest know Timo Nuoranne from his Cappella Romana debut with Arctic Light in 2014: a concert program that was almost scrapped, as the program’s original director (Fr. Ivan Moody) was forced to cancel his appearance due to a recent injury that prevented him from flying.

The project was a brilliant success, and Timo’s excellent musicianship, commitment, and rapport with the singers was on full display.

Because of Timo’s life-long commitment to the choral music of Finnish composer Einojuhani Rautavaara (1928-2016), we invited him to come back for a project this past January, Rautavaara’s completely peerless All-Night Vigil.

But it was not to be.

Timo had produced the definitive recording of Rautavaara’s All-Night Vigil with the Finnish Radio Chamber Choir, which he directed for many years.

Everything was in place for his second appearance.

But then we hit a major snag. His work visa became mired in a worldwide bureaucratic confusion at the State Department (and its embassies) following the presidential inauguration. After multiple attempts, three airfare rebookings, and personal calls to our government officials, Timo was not able to travel to the United States to direct the Rautavaara concert.

Undaunted, we quickly began to devise a new program that would bring Timo back to the States, directing music that he knows and loves. The result was Arctic Light II: Northern Exposure.

“I am absolutely thrilled that Timo will be leading this music for audiences in the Pacific Northwest,” said Mark Powell, Executive Director of Cappella Romana. “I am half Norwegian myself, and 25 years ago I had the privilege of performing some of this music with the great choral leader, the late Eric Ericson from Sweden.” At that time, Timo was completing his graduate studies with Maestro Ericson in Stockholm. “When Timo first came to work with Cappella Romana we became quick friends over our shared experience with Eric Ericson. I’m so happy that Timo will be back with us again.”

Timo Nuroanne arrives later this week to start rehearsals with Cappella Romana for “Arctic Light II: Northern Exposure.”

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Fri 17 Nov, 8:00pm
St. James Cathedral
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Sun 19 Nov, 3:00pm
Marylhurst University

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With selections also by the Marylhurst University Chamber Choir
Justin Smith, director