Leitourgeia ka Qurbana reviews The Divine Liturgy

Richard Barrett’s Leitourgeia kai Qurbana: Contra den Zeitgeist blog has a thorough review of our new Tikey Zes: The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom recording:

“Zes’ score is a remarkable piece of sacred choral composition on its own terms, and Cappella Romana is up to its usual high standards in terms of presentation of it. … it’s an extraordinarily well-sung recording by all involved. … the care to use the recording as the opportunity to make the case for what its liturgical use could sound like is also remarkable, and a hallmark of the recording. Another hallmark of the release is an exceptionally informative booklet that provides the Greek and English text of the Divine Liturgy, as well as Lingas’ essay positioning Zes’ music in the context of Byzantine music, Orthodox music more generally, and Greek emigration to the United States. … I find it to be a worthy recording of some exceptionally beautiful music composed by a man who sincerely wants to give the best of what he has…” — Richard Barrett, Leitourgeia kai Qurbana

Read the full review at www.leitourgeia.com

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