Oregon Arts Watch LIVE IN GREECE Concert Review

Oregon Arts Watch has a review up for last weekend’s LIVE IN GREECE concerts:

“Suddenly, just over my right shoulder, the pure, radiant tones of the opening Processional Introit burst forth as Cappella Romana advanced up the center aisle of Portland’s Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral from the back, two by two. For the next two hours last Sunday afternoon, I thought of nothing but music. No plans, no regrets, no future, no past, and definitely no human vocal frailty — the group gave me no opportunity — just music.

“As I walked out into the Oregon sunshine afterward — and I mean it, I’m not speaking in Oregonian code for rain here — it was the memory and message of divine love in this work which kept on singing inside me, thanks in no small part to Cappella Romana’s devoted performance.” — Jeff Winslow, Oregon Arts Watch

Read the full rave review on www.orartswatch.org!


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