Oregon ArtsWatch Reviews From Darkness to Light

Cappella Romana From Darkness to LightOregon ArtsWatch critic Jeff Winslow weighed in on Cappella Romana’s recent performance of Schnittke’s Verses of Repentance during our From Darkness to Light concert:

“Only a tin-eared deity could fail to be moved by such offerings. … In the final movement, over a constant drone from the low basses, the other voices, singing wordlessly with mouths closed, seemed to waft up into the heavens like clouds of incense. Consonance and dissonance were no longer distinct, but melded into one heartfelt expression that eventually found repose, not quite in, but one might say enfolded by the key of D major.… the exquisitely controlled voices and sensitive ears of quite possibly the city’s finest two dozen choral singers, carried the day and made the performance an experience which cast its spell long after the last note faded away.” —Jeff Winslow, Oregon ArtsWatch

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