The Absolute Sound Declares Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia a Triumph

The Absolute Sound magazine’s September 2020 issue features an in-depth look at our Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia recording and declares it “A triumph of scholarship, musicianship, and technology.”

“For many critical listeners, and not just readers of this magazine, the absolute sound—the sound of live, unamplified music in a real space—is a touchstone…The venue chosen for performance or recording can support an understanding of music’s meaning in a powerful way. There is, however, one extraordinary acoustic space that for cultural and geopolitical reasons has been unheard for centuries… The sound is extraordinary…. What Icons of Sound achieved with the Hagia Sophia project leads me to expect that this singular joining of scholarship, musicianship, and advanced audio technology will continue to illuminate the significance of music from the distant past.”

—Andrew Quint

—Andrew Quint

See the full feature in the September 2020 issue of The Absolute Sound magazine.

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