The Sun Break Review for Arctic Light II: Northern Exposure

“St. James Cathedral is the perfect space in which to hear Cappella Romana. The sonorities of the deep voices and the pure quality of all the voices in this unaccompanied choir make harmonies as clean as they can be, sometimes creating overtones if you listen carefully, and enhanced by the acoustics of the setting, as well as its ambiance…

We hear so much superb music in Seattle, and at least three quarters is that of tried and true familiar composers. Wonderful as that is, it’s a refreshing delight to hear the music sung by groups such as Cappella Romana, which never ceases to bring us superb performances often of completely unfamiliar music, impeccably researched and musically moving. Or it can be an unusual setting of something we know well. This concert was another such.”

Philippa Kiraly, The Sun Break

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