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Cappella Romana at the Cave of the Apocalypse on the Island of Patmos, 2011

The classical music artists for each Cappella Romana project are chosen from an international pool of singers by the ensemble’s Artistic Director (Dr Alexander Lingas) according to the musical demands of the repertoire to be sung. Some programs may feature as few as 4 singers performing medieval music one-to-a-part, whereas others may require a more conventional SATB chorus (normally 10–16 singers, but usually 24 for the PBO Messiah and very occasionally over 25). Singers are usually contacted regarding their availability by a contractor, administrating the invitations from the artistic director.

In addition to outstanding musicianship, our repertoire may require singers to possess combinations of specialized skills including: reading Byzantine or other chant notations at sight; familiarity with Greek or Slavonic; the employment of non-Western vocal timbres; understanding pre-modern Western mensural notation; the ability to apply historically and culturally appropriate forms of performance practice (tunings, ornamentation, musica ficta, etc.).

How to Audition for Cappella Romana

If you are a classical music artist and wish to be considered for the rosters of future Cappella Romana projects, please submit via email to singing [ at ] a curriculum vitae accompanied by a cover letter indicating: a) any special linguistic skills or musical experience relevant to the work of the ensemble; and b) if would like to conduct a choir audition in person. If you wish, you may also attach a headshot and up to three mp3 sound files. Your information will then be added to our database of prospective singers.

If you have indicated a desire to audition in person, your name will be added to a list of singers to be contacted when Dr Lingas is in the Pacific Northwest with sufficient time to hear you.

Cappella Romana offers annually a self-produced concert series in the Pacific Northwest and touring programs for other presenters. It also serves as the chorus for the Portland Baroque Orchestra. In recent years Cappella Romana has been presented at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), the Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC), the Getty Center (Los Angeles), Princeton University, Yale University, the Queen’s College (University of Oxford), St Paul’s Cathedral (London), the Irish World Music Centre (Limerick), and the Pontifical Oriental Institute (Rome). Some programs are recorded for broadcast, podcast or CD/iTunes release.

The following list includes singers who have performed with Cappella Romana in Northwest Series Concerts, Recording sessions, and on Tours.

View Our Current Roster of Classical Music Artists & Singers
Spyridon Antonopoulos
Blake Applegate
Ioannis Arvanitis
Paige Baker
Gus Blazek
John Michael Boyer
John S. Boyer
Daniel Buchanan
Kristin Buhler
Daniel Burnett
Aaron Cain
Achilleas Chaldaiakis
Murray Cizon
LeaAnne DenBeste
Melanie Downie Robinson
Thedor Dumitrescu
Beth Eck
Chris Engbretson
Renee Favand-See
Katherine FitzGibbon
Tim Galloway
Rebekah Gilmore
Les Green
Laura Greene
Joshua Haberman
Susan Hale
Michael Hilton
Erik Hundtoft
Maria Karlin
Alexander Khalil
Constantine Kokenes
Stelios Kontakiotis
Stephanie Kramer
David Krueger
Alexander Lingas
Kerry McCarthy
Patrick McDonough
Joseph Michael Muir
Sherry Olson
Fr Dimosthenis Paraskevaïdes
Hannah Penn
Mark Powell
Terry Ross
Jo Routh
Tuesday Rupp
Vakarė Rūta Marshall (Petroliūnaitė)
Paul Sadilek
Shaelyn Schneider
Adam Steele
Wendy Steele
David Stutz
Cahen Taylor
Thomas Thompson
Laura Thoresen
Brian Tierney
Catherine van der Salm
Ann Wetherell