Audiophile Audition calls Tikey Zes: Divine Liturgy a “Recording of the Highest Quality”

Divine Liturgy Tikey Zes_Cappella Romana_Classical CDs OnlineIn a four-star review, Audiophile Audition calls new release, The Divine Liturgy, “An important … recording of the highest quality.”

“Cappella Romana is the foremost ensemble in the United States promoting the heritage of Byzantine chant, and one of the finest in the world as well. … It’s not Super Audio format but it is “super” audio, each of their recordings showing the highest level of technical achievement and always finding the perfect acoustic for the presentation of their programs. …

“…one comes away fairly impressed with the piety of the work and its ability to support the Byzantine liturgy. … the emotionality of the music is quite different from the more somber and historically ‘passionless’ music of the Eastern Church, and the use of dynamics, while never absent from Byzantine chant, gets a boost here with the large harmonized choral forces. …

“…there is no doubt that Zes’s music is significant, historical, and important in the larger scheme of things, and represents a segment of the contemporary Byzantine music scene that is large enough and supported enough such that it cannot be ignored. Performances are superb, and this is a first class production.” —Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition

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