Ivan Moody: Greek Liturgy


available Through 26 may 2023

The Divine Liturgy Of St. John Chrysostom

Greek Liturgy was written in 2016 at the request of Dr. Peter Jermihov, who will conduct these NW premiere performances. Commissioned by Dr. Jermihov’s Society of St. Romanos in Chicago, Moody’s work strives to align his compositional gifts with the chant traditions that have come before.

Ivan Moody writes “If we treat the Church’s chant traditions as a life-giving spring, we can find the courage to work with them, to become co-creators; they are not there to imprison us or to be endlessly reproduced with no understanding. And in finding that courage we can become contributors to the rich and varied beauty of liturgical art, aiming always to glorify God.”

Composer Ivan Moody (also an Orthodox priest) is one of the world’s most important composers of modern Orthodox music, and a regular collaborator with Cappella Romana for over 20 years. This setting of the Greek Liturgy inscribes Byzantine chants on ethereal clouds of sound. 

Conducted by Peter Jermihov, with the priest’s intonations sung by Eleftherios Chasanidis, new protopsaltis of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in New York.

Peter Jermihov, conductor

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St. James Cathedral

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St. Mary’s Cathedral

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