Oregon ArtsWatch Review for The Vigil

The Vigil

Oregon ArtsWatch contributor Friderike Heuer shares a review from our Sunday performance of The Vigil at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland:

“I cannot even remember the last time I had goosebumps like this while listening to live music.…I sat on a Sunday afternoon in a church attempting to hold back tears and racking my brain trying to remember what I knew about Sergei Rachmaninov, about his choral work All-Night Vigil, op.37 just so the emotions wouldn’t overwhelm me. … Cappella Romana was joined by a basso profundo, Glenn Miller, whose voice and ability to project were marvels. Soloist Joseph Muir sang lyrically without giving in to the tenor’s temptation to emote – it was a masterfully restrained performance fitting the sacral setting. And Benedict Sheehan, the conductor, managed to keep all the interlocking parts beautifully transparent, and balanced”

Friderike Heuer, Oregon ArtsWatch

Full review on OrArtsWatch.org and see photos on Friderike Heuer’s blog.

One performance remaining – Saturday, September 29, 8pm in San Francisco!